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It is one of the first things visitors to your home notice, but hands up those who actually relishes the idea of cleaning their front drive or patio? Well instead of stooping to conquer that moss and weeds yourself, why not call in the professionals. In addition to just the appearance there are safety issues to be considered. Slippery drive's or patio's can potentially be hazardous. Our pressure washing will eliminate this problem. A makeover from Premier Cleaning, will bring your drive or patio up to nearly new standard.


Special features built into patios and other hard landscaped areas present no difficulties and can be restored to their original appearance. Swimming pool surrounds need special care when cleaning to ensure the pool itself is not contaminated. Let us solve your cleaning problems and contact us for a free quote.


Drive Before and After Cleaning





Most of the requirements of domestic property customers also apply to the commercial sector. It is obvious that the appearance of the entrances, walkways and recreation areas are important in promoting the image of any business or public place. Apart from the obvious improvements to the appearance of a commercial property there is the all important aspect of keeping areas frequented by the public safe. Slippery paths are an unnecessary hazard that regular maintenance can prevent.


Examples of the areas that will benefit from our services are;



Car park Before and After Cleaning





Once you have had your driveway or patio professionally cleaned by Premier Cleaning, it is worthwhile considering having the cleaned area treated with a sealant.


The reasons for choosing to have the paved areas sealed are summarised as follows;



Premier Cleaning are able to offer customers a choice of different types of sealant; these are either a basic matt acrylic finish, or a more durable pre-polymer urethane sealant, in either matt, or gloss form.


How the sealants work

How the sealants work


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Sealant comparison

Sealant comparison


A comparison of block paving before and after sealing is shown in the picture above. There are a variety of sealants available and we will recommend the most suitable, which is chosen on the basis of economy and the wear characteristics needed in the expected use of the surface being treated.